Journey Therapy

Journey Therapy

Journey Therapy

Because life is a journey . . . and sometimes it's hard



"I'm just trying to be healthy . . .

I hope you'll join me."

My hope is to teach my clients to embrace that as their mantra in life: THAT is what it's all about.

Life IS a journey. And it can be difficult. The goal is to learn not only to face challenges, but to grow from challenges. The key to a life of happiness and fulfillment is learning what it means to BE healthy, and how to cultivate healthy relationships with the people in our lives that are important to us.

-- Tegan Blackbird, Ph.D.



Dr. Tegan Blackbird

Journey Therapy is the solo, private practice of Dr. Tegan Blackbird.Dr. Blackbird is a licensed psychologist and seasoned clinician who has lived and practiced in central Pennsylvania for over 30 years. He has post-graduate degrees in clinical and experimental psychology and has extensive inpatient and outpatient experience working with children, adults, families and parents. He's also a certified school psychologist, and has particular experience in marriage and family therapy.

He is well-known in the area for his clinical skills and judgment, and for his commitment to coordinating care with other providers.


Counseling, Psychotherapy and Growth

Journey Therapy provides psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, parents, families and couples.

We are passionate about life-coaching and individual counseling and therapy across the lifespan. We believe that healthy relationships are the most important things in our lives, and that good relationships take a lot of work.

We also believe that while life comes with many challenges, those challenges not only make us stronger, but that with proper guidance we can come through our struggles in a better place than we were when our struggles began.



Personal Sessions

I specialize in individual therapy for children, teens and adults. I have a strong background in working with kids and parents, and I enjoy working with older adults as well.

Family Sessions

Family relationships are key in our lives. Sometimes this means working with your family as a whole, and sometimes kids with their siblings, or a parent and a child. Couples and marital therapy also are an area of special expertise. Journey Therapy works within an "emotionally-focused therapy" approach.


It's not always about "clinical" issues! Sometimes people just seek help for managing goals, navigating difficult waters in relationships, or just wanting to deal with difficult transitions. Sometimes it's about wanting to be a better parent or understand our kids better. Sometimes it's about wanting to grow spiritually, emotionally, or relationally.

Dr. Blackbird will work with you from a theoretical framework that best meets your needs.  He works largely from a cognitive-behavioral orientation, but has considerable background as well with behavioral psychology.

When dealing with family and couples issues he primarily works out of an "Emotionally-Focused" framework.

"Dr. B" does not prescribe medications, but has considerable background with psychopharmacology. With your permission he will coordinate medication needs with your family physician, pediatrician, or psychiatrist as needed.

He is committed to provide the best possible psychological services within his areas of expertise and to reflect the value system of the Christian faith.  

This commitment to the whole person includes an integrated approach when dealing with psychological and spiritual concerns. A client's faith commitment is valued, and spiritual leaders important in a client's life will be contacted at the client's request.


Mood disorders, problems with depression, anxiety, worry, "energy," motivation


OCD, bipolar disoder, ADHD, PTSD, "mood swings," phobias, generalized anxiety


Marital satisfaction, dating problems, parent/child issues, family turmoil, difficulty with friendships


Life stressors, difficulty with transitions, problems with decision-making, "family-of upbringing" issues


"The best predictors of a positive outcome in therapy are how comfortable you are with your therapist, and "agenda harmony": how much your therapist understands your needs and is helping you deal with the things you're seeking help for."

Dr. Blackbird is personable, warm, and good-humored. You will experience him as patient, compassionate, supportive, and candid with you. He will make you think, and he will make you laugh!

In your initial session, his first priority is simply to get to know you. He has learned that if he doesn't take time to do that, things won't go well!

Sessions are generally done "remotely" (by video chat). We typically meet for 50-60 minutes, and the time goes fast! Sometimes sessions are weekly, or every other week, or monthly, depending on your needs. Your sessions will be comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Blackbird will gladly meet

with you individually, or with your family or significant others. The things you talk about are held in strictist confidence. However, Dr. Blackbird is well-known in the community for his willingnes to coordinate care with other caregivers in your life: pediatricians, PCPs, teachers, other therapists, pastors, guidance counselors, psychiatrists.

Scheduling is done through our online portal, which you will have direct access to. You'll be able to check availability of appointments and even schedule or cancel appointments yourself. You'll also be able to send private messages via our messaging portal.

"Video sessions" are covered by insurance as an effective, convenient and flexible way of doing counseling out of your own home, at a time that is convenient to you."


"Video sessions? How does that work?"

Good question. I've been actually conducting video sessions for years, but always as a "backup" plan, when someone was having difficulty making to the office (think "inclement weather"). It's always gone well, but we didn't rely on it a lot, in spite of the fact that outcome research for remote therapy reports better outcomes, often, than face-to-face therapy.

Video sessions – or "teletherapy" – is done over your internet connection, typically on your smartphone or laptop, by Zoom, or more commonly throughan online portal called ""

In March 2020, the coronavirus hit, forcing us to close our offices to face-to-face sessions. "Telehealth" suddenly became the primary form of service delivery.

In retrospect, I feel like I should have anticipated this, but I did not expect it: I have

found that my clients overwhelmingly love telehealth and largely prefer it over meeting face-to-face. I found that I love telehealth.

With rare exceptions, I consistently have found that clients report that they do not experience it as a step down at all. They generally feel as connected as they do in face-to-face sessions, often even moreso! Clients began to report that they love the convenience. They love not having to take an afternoon off of work for a session. They love not having to take their kids out of school, and not needing to drive when the weather is bad, or not needing to drive at all! They enjoy doing their sessions out of their own homes, from their living rooms, or outside on their porches. They report it to be convenient, effective and comfortable.

Jointly withy my clients, in summer of 2020 the decision was made to continue providing services exclusively by teletherapy, even when the coronavirus pandemic was over!



Per Session

Your initial session will be $180, and subsequent sessions $170. Insurance coverage may help with the bigger part of your cost if the services you seek are related to a medical diagnosis (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, etc.).




Dr. Blackbird is available for phone consultation as needed. Fees are prorated based on the same hourly rate. Note that consultations are not generally covered by insurance.



Per Session

Coaching is not related to a medical diagnosis and will not be covered by insurance.



Hourly, Pro-rated

Fees for services that involve courtroom testimony, including time in preparation and travel, are charged at a higher rate. These costs will not be covered by insurance.


The only insurances I work with are Highmark, out-of-area Blue Shield and Medicare.

Remember that insurance will only cover if the services you seek are related to a medical diagnosis (e.g., depression, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, etc.). Other services will generally be private pay.  Please call the number on the back of your card for information on what they will cover, and what your out-of-pocket expenses are (e.g., your deductible and copay). "Some" out-of-state Blue Cross plans will also provide coverage for my services as well, because they use Highmark's network.

Note that Highmark and Medicare do cover telehealth services.

If you need help understanding your insurance coverage, please email us or give us a call.

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