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Journey Therapy

Because life is a journey . . . and sometimes it's hard

Getting Started

Before Your First Appointment

Before your first meeting, you will receive an email with links to download the paperwork you will need to bring with you to your first session. Also, you will receive a username and password to allow you to log in to our patient portal where you will be able to enter insurance and demographic information, and background information as well. We do ask clients to complete that information prior to your first meeting because we find it makes that first session more comfortable and more efficient.

Your First Session

Therapy services typically begin with what is called an "initial evaluation," which may last from one to two sessions. Often in the first few sessions, your therapist may ask you to complete one or more psychological tests. During this time, I sometimes find it helpful to contact your family physician or the person that referred you, when appropriate, to let them know that you are being seen and to coordinate treatment efforts.

Duration of Appointments

Once we begin our work together, when possible I will typically schedule one 50-55-minute session per week at a time mutually agreed upon, although longer sessions may be arranged, and the frequency of sessions may vary, (more or less frequent) based on availability and need. 

The standard appointment time allows time for me to record your visit, make necessary follow up contacts, and schedule future appointments. At times 55 minutes is not long enough: depending on the issues you are dealing with, and on the flexibility of your therapist’s schedule, often appointments can be for longer durations. It is especially common that family sessions and couples or marital sessions may take longer as well. Sessions longer than 45 minutes are coded for insurance purposes as “extended sessions” and are billed accordingly.

Availability of Appointments

It really varies, but it is not unusual that as a new client you might find I have no availability for three to four months. However, that does not mean that it'll take that long for you to see me. I do keep a call-back list as cancellations make times available. After we've met for the first time it is advisable for you to check our scheduling portal regularly: you will find appointments opening up on a weekly basis. It is also strongly recommended that you schedule out appointments beyond three to four months: if you wait to schedule, you'll find after several months that the waiting list is again several months. I advise you to schedule more appointments than you might need: it is SO much easier to cancel appointments that you don't need, than to find appointments that you DO need. Please be mindful of our cancellation policy.

Scheduling Appointments

Existing Patients

For existing patients, all scheduling can be done online by using our online scheduling portal. You will be able to see available times, check appointments, schedule appointments, cancel appointments. In essence, you will be able to do all of your scheduling yourself!

New Patients

If you have never seen Dr. Blackbird, and would like more information on availability of appointments click the “Availability” button below.

If you would like more information, or are interested in scheduling an appointment, or in verifying whether Journey’s sessions would be covered by your insurance, click the “Scheduling” button below.